Halloween Horror Nights

Well, looks like I have something to save my money for the next 3 weeks or so ... Halloween Horror Nights at Universal in Orlando!


My boss said that he would pay for the hotel room (me & the 2 teens and a friend, hubby has no desire to be spooked intentionally) at Loews Royal Pacific Resort on site!! Awesome!

I love my bosses. I love my job. I am extremely thankful that I HAVE a job that I love and enjoy going to most days. Trust me. And times like this? Very much so!

Anyways. Sonny Boys girlfriend goes to school there in Orlando. He's been so lonesome and heartsick with her gone (OMG, it's only been 10 days since you've seen her last!!) so him and the Princess were looking to go up the second weekend in Orlando.

I'm not all that comfortable letting them drive Brutus up there. Then this came up. Awesome!! Perfect. Princess will hang with me she said. I so love that she's becoming a very mature young adult. At last!

The hotel is expensive (by my taste) ... but not much more than a night at the Hilton on the beach over here. The tickets for the Horror Nights is V.E.R.Y. expensive in my opinion. I'm debating on doing the park during the day, which would add on to the tab BUT then again, the pool at this place is magnificent and Sonny Boy said that he'd be perfectly happy just hanging at the resort all day. I'm starting to lean that way a wee bit ...

Uh, yeah baby, I think we could just hang around the pool and beach area for a day ...


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