Costco Trip

This time, I went on Tuesday instead of Thursday, only because I was just about out of milk. Had a detailed list but was using the american express as I'm trying to conserve my cash. I know, the best way to conserve cash is to NOT shop at all, but well ... you know how that is!

2 50 pks of Frito Lays chips $10.19 x 2 less 2 $2.50 coupons
3 dozen xtra large eggs $2.55 (cheaper than last time)
black forest ham $7.54
honey roasted turkey $8.89
clif bars $19.89
crumbled bacon $9.49
cashew crunch $8.99
Mrs. Dash $4.49
5 lbs tomatoes $5.49
TP $17.99 less $2 coupon
2 lb mini peppers $4.29 (price has creeped up)
half and half x 2 $1.45
fruit by the foot $9.99 less $2.50 coupon
skim milk gallon $2.29
olive oil $9.99
2% milk x 2 $2.39
onions $5.79
string cheese $7.59

all total $145.38

Chips, fruit things, cashew crunch were not on my list so figure about $40 worth of spontaneous buys.


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