Costco again

Yes, it's Thursday and I went to Costco. I had to! I needed milk. 4 gallons almost lasted the 2 weeks.  I find it amazing that I can buy milk with a 2 week expiration date. And it was still good.

Had to renew my membership. $50.

Took back the Sam-E and the Triple Flex vitamins. Got back $51. That sort of washed out the renewal.

So, $196.57 later (including the membership renewal), here's what I got:
36 cout Welch fruit snacks $9.99
Activia yogurt $10.29 less $2.50 instant rebate
bag of limes $5.29
bag of lemons $6.99
6 lb muscle milk protein powder $29.99 (it seems to be cheaper this way then buying the stuff for Sonny boy premixed)
5 lbs tomomatoes $6.49 (price went up!)
3 english cucumbers $3.29
romaine lettuce $3.99
half & half $1.45 x 3 total
2% milk $2.39 x 3
skim milk $2.29 x 1
dunkin donuts coffee $15.79 (I'm a little ashamed of myself for doing this but it was so good the last time!)
string cheese $7.59

oxiclean (15 lbs) $15.79 less $4.00 coupon
gallon freezer bags $10.19 less $1.75 coupon
bagel thins $4.19
2 lbs strawberries $3.49 (I looked, and looked again, this is a GREAT price)

Notice, no meat. No cheese, no nothing really. I am aiming to get the freezers in order soon here ... they are litereally stuffed full. Oh, I have a few gaps here and there, but no room to really put anything more in ... so no meat or anything else that requires freezer services!


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