30 Day Shred

Day 3, D.O.N.E.

Did level 2 today to switch it up ... still sticking to the P90X theory I suppose.

I got my butt kicked today. Ummm, some of that stuff is definately more advanced.

Unfortunately, Jen over at Beauty & Bedlam does NOT want her blog to become an exercise blog (ha!) so she is only now updating on her facebook page. I'm bummed as I was looking forward to reading about others experiences and cheers ... as I'm not an avid Facebook user, I suppose I'll keep it up over here :)

Hard. Definately harder. Drinking my skim milk with the 25% less sugar Nesquik and going to eat a banana, jump in the shower & go to work. Ahhh...no rest for the weary!

So how about it, did you do your Shred today?


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