30 Day Shred

Day 2.

28 more to go.  I think I'd rather be doing the 30 Days of Nothing (which, isn't that coming up soon with Owl Haven??) ...  but I've committed myself to this and WILL NOT quit after only 2 days!!

Did level 1 again. Was playing with going back and forth between the 3 levels just to mix it up (a throw back to the P90X thoughts) and said the heck with it, I need the pushups this morning! Uh huh. Thats what I said!

Anyways, stayed with the 5 lbs. Cracks me up. Sonny Boy and Hubby make fun of me for only using 5. Uh, you try it guys!  I can remember in boxing when the Manly Men buff boys would come in and insist on using 10 or 15 lb weights when we were all using 2 or 3 and screaming for 3 minutes ... they would drop the weights to the floor after 1 minute. Just goes to show, it's not necessarily the weight as the movement.

My tip for the day: when doing those crunches, make a fist in one hand and put it under your chin to keep you from using your neck muscles. If your neck hurts when you do ab exercises, you are doing it WRONG, don't use your neck :)  Also, always, always, always, cup your ears with your fingertips, never ever put your hands behind your head (let alone interlace your fingers) ... that encourages you again to pull with your arms and put pressure on your neck. Focus on your abs, make sure you are pushing the small of your back into the floor.

FYI - I am by NO means a fitness instructor or any kind of trained professional. Just when I did the boxing stuff for a year, I LEARNED a lot of stuff and it really paid off!

So how did everyone else do? Gotta go check out Jen and see how it turned out for Day 2 with the rest of the followers! 

Oh, yes, I AM drinking my skim, 25% less sugar chocolate milk right now too!


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