30 Day Shred - Again!

Oh boy. Maybe THIS time will be the one that works??

Jen over at Beauty & Bedlam (hey, don't blame me if you end up losing 2 hours of your day reading her frugal fashionista section!) is putting a challenge (not really!) per se to join her in doing the 30 day shred.

I've done this stupid program, time and time again, but never for more than a week, at the most.  I don't know. I just don't like Jillian. She's annoying. She's bitchy. I don't know.

BUT I do know that those 20 to 25 minutes DO work. I feel it every single time I do the workout. I don't know. It sure does beat the 45 to 75 minute workouts with P90X!!

So, I hopped on board. I'm a day late (and possibly a dollar short!) but did do it this morning. And hope to stick through the next 29 days. Please, please, please join me, give me hope. Give me encouragement. Tell me that yeah, you mute her to and pretend to box off the freakin smiles on them chippy girls behind her :) I'm not a happy person when exercising. I get very very crabby. But I suppose that's what I have to do to push myself forward! And now that I read what I just wrote about Jillian above, maybe that's my problem? You can only have one bitch during a workout, someone has to be positive and cajoling!

Anyways, used 5 lbs weights. Not much, I know. But I've always used the 3 lbs and felt I could do better. I know the P90X I was moving up ... so I will try to stick with 5 lbs (come on, you can do it ... in my best "voice inside my head" waterboy mimic!)

Oh, and the best thing about doing this every stinkin morning? I'm allowing myself this:

Made with 25% less sugar and used skim milk. My reward ... and a little help with recovery too ...


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