Weekly Spending

So, I've tried various ways to track my spending and announce it to the world without much success. Then I came across this site called Give Me Back My Five Bucks and really liked the way she does her weekly tallies. So guess what? I'm hopping on board.

*I just realized, this morning, that this was still sitting in my draft box!!! Sorry for the delay!
$70.32 Publix.

$ No Spend Day

$400.00 (surprise bonus!)
$ No Spend Day – amazing as I walked around Winn Dixie looking for some great dairy/meat/produce deals and walked out empty handed!

$ No Spend Day

$ No Spend Day. We were hosting a 6 month old, 17 year old and 24 year old for the night. Which of course, led to more 17 year olds, my girlfriend, Princess and her friends. Thank God for well stocked freezers and pantry!
$140.38 weekly pay

$30.00 even at Boo Rileys (hubby and I went for a drink and dinner, late)

$59.71 – Target

$540.38 in
$160.03 out

Notes/comments: I’m rather proud of myself … I would have went grocery shopping on Friday after work but I knew everyone would be there and waiting. I had a bottle of champagne that I received at work and chose to drink that for the night. Luckily I had another of the same exact kind from a month or so that I had gotten so I could share. Sunday was THIS close to be a no spend day until Sonny boy freaked at 7pm that he needed a few more things for school, so gave him and Princess my debit card and instructions to get only what was needed…and well, he didn’t look at the price of the boxers ($12 for 2 pairs??) and shampoo and conditioner. Oh well, live and learn.


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