Weekly Spending

So, I've tried various ways to track my spending and announce it to the world without much success. Then I came across this site called Give Me Back My Five Bucks and really liked the way she does her weekly tallies. So guess what? I'm hopping on board!

$ No Spend Day

$24.47 Publix. I really didn't intend to spend this much. 2 stouffers frozen family meals, 2 garlic bread, 4 pks soda, 2 bags chips.

$12.01 Publix (this was a great stop: 7 protein bars, 2 1/2 gallons milk, 4 bags donuts, 2 lbs peanuts) I also got a rain check on the Pizzas to use my excellent coupons on :)

$4.18 Publix, banans and coffee cream for office

$140.38 weekly pay
$1488.31 which includes my monthly bonus which really needs to go into my no touch savings account, but I've got a large payment to put towards car insurance so I don't know.
$136.29 Publix. I'm starting to think I should buy stock in them. Oh wait. They are privately owned. This was a lot of good deals with coupons expiring soon. I saved $178.79 if that matters (I know, it doesnt!)
$17.95 Skyline Chili for Hubby and I

$No Spend Day (on the boat all day long!)

$136.56 Costco.

Total for the week:

Comments/Remarks of Note: Can I tell you how glad I am it's a new month again? I like the beginning of the month, only because it gives me a chance to renew my monthly budget goals ...

I need to get back to being motivated on the menu planning, sticking to the PLAN and just DO IT. Yeah, that's my goal for August.

So how about it ... how did YOU do this week on your spending and saving?


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