Motivational Monday

Here it is, the beginning of a new month.

I love new months.

It's a chance to re-evaluate. To start anew.




And so on.

Over here, I shared my motivation for this morning, and I stuck with it and brought it home.

Yes. I worked out. H.A.R.D.

And I feel good. I feel so good. Both physically and most importantly, mentally.  That I said I was going to do it and I did it.

Now if I could just continue the week ahead.

And thru the rest of the month ...

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom has apparently been doing the P90X stuff too. She's only posted a little about it but I'm anxious to hear how it's going in more detail.  I've had the program for over a year and have started and dropped it 3 times so far. Hopefully the 4th time will be it.  I am still working on getting Hubby to start with me ... I keep saying if only I had a partner... By the way, you can buy the program from Ebay and Amazon or even Craigslist. BUT make sure you get the 2 booklets that come with it. Really. It's well worth it. The nutritional thing can get me obsessed and I just need to read it and put it away and go back to it later :) The other book is the program workouts and the moves. Really really helpful!

As for the budget stuff. $400.00 cash for the month. To cover gas, food, and misc. stuff. Of course, it is back to school month (go figure, I picked August to do this) ... but my hope is that maybe, just maybe, I will avoid all the junk food that eats up the budget. I know, I don't spend THAT much on junk, but hopefully it will make me rethink those so called deals that are such a good deal for my butt :)

So how about it, what is your Motivational Monday story?


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