Late Summertime Fun

Sonny boy goes back to school in, oh, 10 days? Princess starts her next semester in oh, 2 weeks?

And Hubby? Well, he decided to F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. put the Seadoo in the water and let it sit on the lift at the dock.

Oh gee. We are all thrilled to be able to have 5 full days left to play (best to play in the intracostal waterways Monday through Thursday when boat traffic is minimal).

Sonny Boy, the G/F and Hubby put the Doo in the water last night and Sonny Boy and G/F brought it back home. They actually beat Hubby home which means they were flying. Sonny Boy said oh, about 59 mph peaked. Uhhh...Dude. G/F never been on anything like this before soooooooo.....

They asked if they could go play some more and of course we said absolutely, off with you! Good to see them having some fun besides sitting around watching tv, playing games and talking/texting on the phones. Well, they do float in the pool, go to the beach, cook, eat, clean. Ok never mind. Good to see them doing something NEW!


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