Uh, yes, I DID go to Costco this week. It's been 2 weeks, so I think it was ok to do so :)

Here's the plan: I had $225 cash in my wallet.  Took out the debit card and left it at home. Also stashed the AE in the purse, just in CASE.  Made a detailed list and a rough breakdown of what I thought the cost was. Grabbed the little coupons from the booklet (which FYI, not necessary as they see your coupon and they scan a barcode on register automatically AND I asked if I could keep in case I wanted to come back for some more stuff). Total estimated $167. Total spent? $162.74. Not so bad !!

4 pack tropicana (64 oz each) $9.99
Downey (costco size!) $12.49
Clif Bars $19.89
2 pk apple juice $6.45
2 lb sliced cheddar cheese $6.79 x 2
large tomatoes (5 lbs) $5.49
mini peppers $4.29 (hmmm...I think these went up)
Parm shredded cheese $13.45
honey roasted turkey $7.47
romaine lettuce $4.29 (again, I think this went up)
3 pk cucumbers $3.29
2% milk $2.39 x 2
2 pk nutella $8.89
skim mlk $2.29 x 2
half & half $1.59 x 3
black forest ham $7.10
chicken tenders 5 lb (breaded) $12.59 x 2
crumbled bacon bits $8.99 (gosh, I remember when this was like under $5 a bag!)
2 pk of crunchy Jif peanut butter (because more moms prefer Jif!) $7.69
large bag of kettle cheddar cheese chips (30 oz which equals 1 7/8 lbs) $4.99
3 dozen xlarge eggs $3.99 (again, I think the price went up, which I do believe they will be with the major recall...)

So...the coupons I got to use?
$2.25 off the tropicana
$2.00 off the downey
$4.00 each off the chicken (seriously, breaded chicken tenders for $8.59 for 5 lbs!!?)
$1.75 off each of the cheese
$2.00 off the jiffy peanut butter

I am happy. There wasn't too much spontaneous. The Nutella, but I had made Sonny boy a sandwich the other morning and saw we were almost out, the orange juice, but really, been wanting to buy some but it's not been on sale at a good price. Sale price is normally $3 and since I got it for less than $2 each, that's pretty decent in my opinion.

I was looking for burger buns and sandwich (hoagie type) bread but the selection was poor. Lots to choose from, just not very fresh. That's ok, went to the bread store the next day and got ww burger buns for 79 cents, squishy too :)


  1. I nearly died of shock at the prices you pay for food - I pay 45pence for a(500g) 1 pound jar of peanut butter, a whole chicken is £2.50, milk is 85 pence a litre, bread is 50 pence a loaf. I can shop for the two of us for £25 per week. You're economy is crippling

  2. As I don't know the conversion of pence to dollars I can't really comment. I should note that since it's Costco, everything is LARGE size which is fine for the most part, and I would say 75% of the time, it's cheaper than a regular grocery store. I will say that about 90% of the items are better quality also.


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