Cats, Kitty and Kitten

We have a cat, his name is Kitty. He sort of came about as I thought he was Kiki (see side bar on right for his “Have you seen Me?” picture) and I ended up going back 3 days later and adopting him. Funny, his temperament was “sweet”. Yeah right. Uh huh. Nice ploy there, Kitty …

Anyways, it’s been over a year. He’s adapted quite well and we’ve all become one big happy family …

Then, a girlfriend of mine, whom I have not really associated with since the holidays (Christmas) due to circumstances and things that I wanted nothing to do with, well, she calls me the other day. I know things are tough for her at the moment, and wasn't so sure I was ready to hear the latest story. But, as a friend, I did return her call.

Long story short, I know have her Cat, G (who is 13 years old!!) temporarily, until she finds him a new home. Hubby said 6 months and I just looked at him and said no, 6 days. Uggg. G is adapting well, although he seems to be quite the nibbler of food and is freaking Kitty out still. Kitty is an only child, and well, he much prefers it that way. G has discovered all of Kitty’s toys and slobbered them all up (literally). G apparently spits in the food bowl when he eats as Kitty will NOT eat out of the same bowl.

Then last night, I let them both out together, thinking heck, maybe they will romp around together. Hmm. Nope, opposite directions.

Finally decide I better find G and get him back in for the night. Run into FatCat, F from across the street, who has taken a liking to our boat trailer (and US) these past few weeks and he’s quite the talker, so he and I chatted and petted a few minutes and I walked him back home across the street (he’s old and well, I’m afraid he’s going to get hit by a car). Oh. What do you know? Mommy baby cat is over there with her 6 babies. And aren’t the babies just the cutest?? Of course, F doesn’t particularly like the one kitten that keeps jumping on him so he hisses and spits, and the baby kitten cowers. I scoop him up and chat to the teen girls who take care of the mommy and babies who are trying to convince me to take him home. I do, but only for a visit.

Awww. The CUTEST little thing ever! And hungry. I had to take away the food bowl from him and then he was just a squeekin away!

Took him back after about 20 minutes of fun … the girl say they were born in April but there is no way … they are maybe 2 months old at the very most.

So, I get rid of G I can adopt the Kitten. Wonder if Kitty will like THAT any better?


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