Weekly Spending

So, I've tried various ways to track my spending and announce it to the world without much success. Then I came across this site called Give Me Back My Five Bucks and really liked the way she does her weekly tallies. So guess what? I'm hopping on board! Monday No Spend Day Tuesday +$40.00 (for notary services) to No-Touch Savings +$50.80 (reimbursement from company) to No-Touch Savings $50.86 Bed Bath & Beyond Wednesday $27.23 Publix $88.52 Publix $14.84 Goodwill (almost new sneakers priced at $75.00 (you can read all about it here) and a foot massager thing, new) Thursday $20.00 to Sonny Boy for drumsticks. $20.00 gas in the little car $5.00 to Princess for spending money Friday $140.38 (weekly check) 25 cents parking at recorders office $35.00 pizza (ok, really, $75.00 but BIL pitched in $40.00-lots of pizza but fed 8 and enough leftovers for all for lunch) Saturday $48.93 Publix $24.82 Winn Dixie $30.00 to Sonny Boy for trip to Miami (just in case) Sunday No Spend Day Total for the week: $140.38 to checking and $90.80 to savings $365.45 spent. Comments/Remarks of Note: Brother in law and his two teen sons arrived on Thursday. There is lots of boating stuff in the works, not to mention consumption of lots of food. Sonny Boy had two performances this week which requires quite a bit of food consumption (he's a metal head drummer and his fellow buddies all chow a few hours before performing). In the midst of all this, I have to work and leave the house no later than 8:30 and get home no sooner than 5:30 ... The $90.80 is put into a savings account that is not accesable via computer meaning I have to go to an actual branch to withdraw or move money. Good in most ways as this has always been the big savings account, but got depleted a few months back with Princess starting college and me helping with her last month of rent. That's over and done thankfully so now I can focus on building that account back up. I am NOT happy with the amount of money spent this week. I have a fully stocked pantry and 3 freezers, but still felt the need to stop and pick up this and that (although, I did run out of coffee which was on my list for Saturday's grocery trip to Publix).


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