Menu Plan - new month!

So here we are, July. Wow. The year is half over already. I've been doing well with the low carb stuff, and actually was thrilled to have lost more weight than anticipated for June, which is motivation to keep going forward AND to maybe motivate me to exercise a 'bit' more :) we all know how that goes, right? Anyways, July brings a few new exciting things: 4th of July, the boat goes back in the water (at last!), the waverunner will be in the water (finally!) the boys will be playing more frequently, which means more practices here at the house, which means, much more food consumed, princess starts another job, AND my BIL and his 2 boys (13 and 15) arrive at the end of the week for a vacation. All that means, S.T.R.E.S.S. as far as feeding the masses goes. Not to worry, a menu plan for the month saves the day! So, in no particular order, here we go (oh, did I mention, the car insurance bill is due this month too, which is about $1500 more than I anticipated? Which means time to be frugal in the kitchen). It should be noted that my freezers are still pretty darn packed ... I've actually been taking big hunks of meat out to cook and divy up into lunch portions to make room for things, such as ice cream ... I should be able to get by without too heavy of any shopping this month. Garden salads are always up for grabs at dinner in the house ... Hoagies (lunchmeat from freezer) Pizza with salad (opted to use the 3 frozen ones left in freezer to make room) pork tenderloin and black beans and rice (another big hunk of meat and the rice cooker came in) chicken thighs, hot dogs and burgers (4th of july) (another big hunk of freezer space opened!) turkey roasted on the grill (the turkeys are 3 lb roast, will do 2) chicken (marinated in italian dressing and grilled) leftovers/salad/soup Italian beef (crockpot - easy easy recipe!) chicken (TBD) pork chops (been marinating in freezer and everytime I open the freezer, they greet me) sausage & peppers (hubbys been jonsing) pizza on the grill (homemade) chili cheese dogs (family favorite) chicken marsala McDonalds (will be on a Wednesday with 49 cent burgers) shrimp kaboobs Salsbury steaks and noodles leftovers tacos (salad) chicken ceasar salad with soup beef (TBD) garlicky chicken Brats and sauerkraut spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread asian shrimp salad beef (TBD) chicken picatta Pizza Pork Steak Kaboobs 31 days. Done. Whats everyone else got planned for the month?? Check out the organizing junkie for tons of other menu ideas!


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