Tuesday Dinner

Yes, I'm still menu planning but I get sidetracked once in a while! My neighbor is out of town and I've been getting her mail for her (because that's what us transplanted midwestern girls do). Imagine my surprise to see that she gets Food TV/Network magazine!! This thing will be so well read by the time she gets back, I may have to buy her a new one!
So many choices, but this is the one I chose to try. I've posted the complete recipe over on my recipe site and used what I already had on hand (one of the benefits of having a fully stocked pantry and freezer) ... I do think next time I will add a bit of Cayenne pepper to give it a little more kick, but it was good the way listed :)
This was before I added the cabbage to the top of each serving. It could easily be low carb if you wanted to eliminate the rice but honestly, there wasn't that much rice (2 cups total for 4 servings) and actually, the veggie mix alone was good but not so sure it would tide you over. Try it and enjoy!


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