Tuesday Dinner

Ok, so originally it was suppose to be skewers. I had flank steak, chicken breast, smoked sausage, shrooms, onions and peppers.
Well, the shrooms got tossed. Yeah, they would have been ok, but as soon as I skewered them, they were falling off ... so rather than drive myself batty, I just tossed them and continued on my merry way.
Left the flank steak whole. Left the chicken breast whole. Left the sausage whole. Skewered the veggies, drizzled some olive oil & then put some mccormick grinder seasoning on. Then I put a bottle of this on the counter to use for dipping purposes:
And this was the end result. Yumm. Unfortunately, Princess showed up and started chowing. And then the masses showed up (um, 12 in all) and I locked them outside on the patio til I got my food and some set aside for Hubby before letting them in to devour.
But then I added this on the side for a little dipping action:


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