Tight on Cash

I find it a little amusing that some weeks I am so thrifty and frugal it's sick! Every penny is accounted for, my grocery list is adhered to and I say NO to anything outside the area. Then, other days, for whatever reason, I spend. And spend. And spend even more. And then suddenly, a few days later, I will realize, holy crap! I've spent XX amount of dollars and whoa nelly, that put me way off budget AND dipped into the savings fund. Anyone have any ideas how or why that happens? For me, it doesn't help that Princess is back home. And the BAND is here 4 out of the 7 days at least. And that I paid for rent for Princess last month. And enrolled her in 2 classes at college last month. And paid my homeowners insurance. Oh. Ok. Maybe it wasn't just the fact that I fell off the budget plan momentarily afterall? On the flip side, it's good that I do have the saving accounts. Granted, they are LOW right now. As in real low. And its even better that I caught myself quickly on the overspending. Honestly. I don't know what came over me. Why I suddenly felt so ... extravegant, entitled, worthy of the higher, full priced items. Hum. Hair done - check manicure pedicure - check waxing (brows and lip) - check a few new dresses (as in BRAND SPANKING NEW FROM A STORE!) - check Lots of junky snack foods for the kids - check (ok, I think this may be my guilt of being on a low carb diet and not feeding the kids as normal!) Splurging and taking 10 teens and myself out to dinner to celebrate end of school year - check (was actually cheaper than I anticipated but still so not in the normal budget) And there you have it, my last few weeks of splurges. Oh well. I've picked myself up, dusted myself off, look straight ahead, and am now following the green line :)


  1. You will fall off the wagon from time to time. Just get back on it and get going. If you are shopping, it might be because you haven't got anything else to do. You could pamper yourself at home and fight the ideal image of what a woman should look like, or smell like! Be yourself. Come and share our blog experiences where us women get real and live with what we've got and who we are. Don't beat yourself up on the monumental splurge you had; just get back to where you want to be.


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