Teenagers and Summertime

Well, it's officially here. Summer. Sonnyboy finished up on Wednesday and he's a SENIOR. Last year. My baby is growing up! Princess is still finishing up her classes on line for the local college BUT she had enrolled in the summer courses on purpose. Sonnyboy needs to finish up his resume we put together for him and take it over to the mall and see what's there. He's an 'odd' boy, so it will be interesting to see what happens. I say odd, as in he does not conform to his surroundings. He is who he IS. Not in a bad way :) Princess has been working for oh, 3 weeks now, at a little store in the mall. She was doing ok with hours, about 20 a week. But this week she only works one day, 4 hours. Huh. Told her she needs to keep looking. Suddenly I've become cash poor. It seems with two teens back home, it's a little more expensive. I know its the $5 here and $5 there, which is why I have a cash jar. But still. So, what are the plans for the summer for the kids? 1. Princess and Hubby are driving to Orlando next weekend to pick up the washer and dryer from her apartment, bringing it home and then we will install hers in the house and sell my first generation Maytag Neptune. It will be a sad day but hers is so much better, newer, with all the bells and whistles (steam wash??). I hope to be able to sell the washer and dryer for at least $300. They are perfect condition and I have all the manuals and everything. 2. Sonnyboy and the band are lining up gigs left and right, it appears. There is a big concert coming up on Friday the 18th that they are playing at. They hope that the manager for the headline band likes them as they would like to discuss potential management. The kids do work hard practicing and I do like these kids (ahem, young men) so much better than the previous group. So in other words, there will be lots of practice sessions going on at the house which is fine as long as they behave and keep it clean. 3. Hopefully an August trip to Chicago and Indiana. I really want to go back to Navy Pier during season and not during 50 mph gusty winds :) Plus, it's just nice to see my folks and hubby's family. AND now my big brother will be there too as he's moving from Texas to Indiana in July for a job relocation (great news!!) 4. We should be getting the pickup truck soon. Which means the kids will no longer be sharing the one car. They've been pretty kind to each other so far with that but I know come the summer time with work schedules they will conflict so this is good. 5. I foresee quite a bit of pool time. Seems the new band members like to play in the pool based on the towels I see outside hanging to dry. So glad they are trained on that note. Princess has been trying to tan also as she never realized that her natural skin tone was PALE. After spending 6 months in Missouri and Arizona she lost her lifetime tan :) 6. Perhaps a quick trip to the keys with the seadoo. 7. Hopefully getting the boat back in the water. Not that the kids would be allowed to take it on their own (come on, its 35 feet long), but a few days off midweek here and there for a trip out would be fun. 8. Once the pickup is here, I think Hubby will work with Sonnyboy on backup skills with a trailer in tow. Once he masters that, then learning how to launch the seadoo and then he can take the seadoo to Bayview Park to ride. UNLESS Hubby finally decides to use the lift and leave it on the water? Hmmm. Unfortunately, Sonnyboy is the ONLY kid who can drive it since he's the only one with his watercraft license. Princess should be working on that. 9. Garage sale, at least one. Would like to do that in June. Kids definitely need to declutter their rooms. 10. Relaxing. But not laziness. I will try to teach the kids the difference. Wish me luck! Those are just a few things we are thinking of. I'm sure there are plenty of things I forgot ... what are your plans for any teens this summer?


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