Sales Ad

Aiyyyy ... it's Wednesday which means the newspaper has the Publix ad that starts tomorrow (my favorite grocery store, where shopping IS a pleasure). But of course, I've already been scoping out the real deals over at I Heart Publix because Michelle does such a GREAT job of putting a preview up! So I'm browsing both online, looking for a few additional coupons over at A Full Cup and telling myself that I really DO NOT need anything this week with the exception of milk (which of course, I will buy 2 packs of oreos, spend less than $7 for 2 oreos and 2 gallons of milk, which is actually LESS than 2 gallons of milk in the end). *note: the deal is this, $1.50 coupon (tearpad) off 1 gallon of milk (milk runs about $3.39 lately) when you buy one Nabisco cookie. Then I also have the $1 off Golden Oreos. So my oreos cost me $1.99 and the milk cost me $1.50. We go through 2 gallons of milk a week and about 2 packages of Oreos (and no, not at the same time!). Makes sense to me. But then I start browsing some more. Oh. Ritz crackers are on sale. Oh Cheese! I'm getting low on cheese (I THINK, need to dig around in the freezers) and I have coupons and there is also a match up of free Ritz when you buy 3 cheeses. Hmmm. I can get TWO free Ritz, use TWO $1 off coupons on the crackers AND use the $1 off of each of the cheese. $16 less $4, less $2, less $3. Hmmm. That would be $7 (again??!!) for 2 boxes of crackers & 3 lbs of cheese. Sounds like a no brainer again. Ugggg. What's a girl to do?? Then there is the $1.50 off berries coupon that expires TODAY. I can get free blueberries with that. The kids have already eaten the 2 pints I bought over the weekend. Amazing that they like fruit better than chips. I'm glad! I do need bleach. Benadryl (pill & spray). Milk. Bread. Salad stuff (I used the last of my $1 off salad last week, Horrors!). Tonight is tacos so I better go see if I have cheese, huh? :) Oh wait, I can use the taco dinner that has the liquid stuff if need be. I also need ... something else, but I'm clueless at the moment! Oh. And then Crystal Light is on sale again. BUT silly me held out the last few weeks and my coupons all expired. Uggg. Guess I'll be drinking my less favorite stuff (the teas...not crazy about them). There's the Sargento Cheese deal too. Buy 2 Sargento sliced cheese and get a free pepperidge farm bun for free. Hmmm. $1 off two Publix coupon, 2 55 cent off one package and FREE buns? $2.69 each, so $5, less $1, less $1.10 AND FREE buns? Oh I think I might have to work this one too this week. Everyone is eating THIS stuff up (don't even go to the ice cream stuff, BLUE BELL this week!) And then you have the Sobe water deal at Target going on, buy 10 at $1 each and get a $5 Target gift card back. Oh boy. I have 2 b1g1f coupons. I also have 1 50 cent off Target coupon AND the electronic 50 cent off Target on my phone (they scan bar code on screen of phone). Hmmm...FREE Sobe, or awful close in the end. That is definitely the steal of the day. So, how about the rest of you? Anyone doing any spectacular deals?


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