Menu Plan Monday

Here it is, time for another manic Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie ... I skipped last week and well, the kids all fended for themselves as I worked late most nights, which means they ate a lot of junk food. Days mean nothing really, just that Thursday used to be tv night (survivor, which is now over) and Friday & Saturday which are fun days... Make sure you check back for recipe links & other stuff that comes up ... I'm really trying to stay on plan this week! Sunday - Chix thighs (with bone) that marinated in mojo creole seasoning ... grilled, with buttered egg noodles and a green salad (and homemade vinaigrette) Monday - Ham (found spiral sliced ham for 99 cents lb!) with macaroni & cheese (free samples from Kraft) Tuesday - Kabobs, beef, chicken, smoked sausage and shrimp (yes 4 kinds) with shrooms, onions, sweet mini peppers (they were cheaper to buy than the regular peppers) and tomatoes, a few will have pineapple for Princess too. Wednesday - tacos, bag of cooked taco meat in freezer already, cheese is in freezer, tons of shells floating around the house, lettuce, sour cream and diced onions and diced tomatoes (easy peasy with the kitchen gadget) Thursday - soup and sandwiches. Another easy night for me as I'll make a simple brothy soup with chicken broth (pantry), shredded chicken (freezer) and a bag of veggies (freezer) with grilled cheese for Sonny Boy and pressed ham (freezer OR leftover from Monday) and swiss (freezer) for Princess & Hubby. Friday - baked taters and steak. Debating on whether or not I want to try the taters in the crockpot all day or not. I can easily set the oven timer to come on at 5pm or so BUT if the kids decide to use the MAIN kitchen to bake something, they would mess me all up. OR maybe just put a note on the oven door "USE GUEST KITCHEN OVEN!) On the other hand, this is the night the kids have their BIG concert that they are all psyched up for and they will all be coming back here AFTER the concert ... so I'm thinking of just doing a baked tater bar or maybe move the taco stuff to this evening. Will have to discuss with Hubby as not sure what time WE will be back from the concert ... Saturday - seafood fest. I've got lobster tails we need to eat up from the freezer along with some shrimp and mahi mahi (dolphin ), all in the freezer. I've also got frozen clam strips that we could fry up if hubby was so inclined (Oh I know the kids would love a fry night but ummm...that would really throw me over the edge with the carbs!) Ok. Quick. I DO have 2 kitchens. We have the MAIN kitchen which you can see here (everytime I look at that picture, I find myself tilting my head a little, I suppose I should retake it?) and then we have this one: Now I'm smashed against the wall of the bar area to take this picture, no easy task. Can you believe it though, this how small my kitchen used to be before we did the major renovation back in 1998. Wow. I keep all my overflow stuff here, sodas, alcohol (and mixers) snacks, cereals, cake and cookie mixes etc. AND this is where the crockpots are stored (in the small cabinet next to that stove.


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