Menu Plan - June 20th through July 7th

I really must stay out of the stores. I need to use what we have in the freezers, pantries and fridges. I just simply have to say no. Easier said then done!! Everything below is with items already purchased and stashed in freezers, pantries and cabinets, fridges. With the exception of veggies and milk/cheese/dairy stuff, I really have NO NEED to go to the store. Can anyone join me on the bandwagon, please??? Sunday - Fathers Day and Hubby has been driving me batty to make my meat sauce so it's sauce with pasta, garlic bread and green salad with vinaigrette. The sauce was made in the crockpot all day long and yielded a healthy dinner and then 4 two cup bags for the freezer. The garlic bread was easy: slice a loaf of italian bead in half horizontally, combine a stick of soft butter with a few chopped cloves of garlic and 2 tbs (more or less) of italian seasoning. Spread a thick layer on each half. Slap them back together, wrap up in foil and bake in oven for about 20 minutes at 375. Towards the end, you can open up foil and broil so the tops get a little crispy too ... Monday - Chicken Piccata as the Princess has been driving me batty to make it ... along with a garden salad and maybe rice or pasta (if any pasta left over, that's what we will have with it). I am also going to hopefully use this as a teaching tool as she's 19 and well, it's not that difficult to make. Tuesday - Soup and sandwiches. Hope to make the soup with chicken broth, a bag of frozen cooked chicken and some veggies and seasoning to use up stuff in the freezer. Will keep the canned stuff for hurricane supplies! I do believe I have baked potatoes leftover for the cause! Wednesday - Tacos. Didn't do it last week, and well, I'm sure Sonny Boy will say something about it this week. Thursday - Blackened Chicken Sandwiches. Been awhile and I have the onion rolls in the freezer that I had picked up last week for free. Friday - Hot dogs and chicken sausage and/or cheddar brats. All from the freezer AND the buns were picked up over the weekend for free. Saturday - again, hoping to do some seafood. I have lobster tails that MUST be eaten, shrimp, mahi mahi, grouper, flounder, you name it. I need to just do a seafood fest! And moving forward (for those interested) Sunday - Salisbury Steaks, providing Hubby is available to do ... he makes the best! Monday - Chicken Parmesan, another great clean out the freezer recipe as the sauce was made on Father's Day and the chicken is hopefully getting moved out! This could be another teaching moment with Princess. Tuesday- pressed sandwiches and pasta salad (lunchmeat from freezer) Wednesday - mojo marinated pork chops with grilled veggies. The chops are in my way every single time I go to get something out of the main kitchen freezer. Time to eat them! *FYI - today would be the 30th which is the DAY I gave myself to weigh and see how I did for June. Yes, I'm still doing low carb and just modify my plate at dinner time. Thursday - I have this as leftover night. If no leftovers, then we will just make sandwiches or whatnot. Friday - thinking along the lines of grilled pizzas. Been awhile. I think I'll probably get out of work early so no issues with making the dough. Saturday and Sunday it's the 4th of July weekend so I will leave this open. I do have some bone in chicken thighs that Hubby will probably want to start with along with burgers and stuff. Monday - I believe I'm off ... If so, and Hubby is too, I'd like to try and make the turkey roast (3 lbs each, have 5, but will only do 2) on the smoker grill. It would make for an interesting experiment. Tuesday - enchiladas or chimichangas ... check out Life as Mom as she has a great, easy looking recipe that I think I'm going to try. Wednesday - Ramen Shrimp packages, again been awhile since I've made and I should have everything needed. Of course, again, the names of the day are just there for basic references and things do have a tendency to get changed :) For more menus and ideas, hop on over Organizing Junkie ...


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