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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tired. Sore Throat. Stiff neck. Headache.

Ugggg. Life stinks at the moment. Hubby comes home this evening from New Orleans for the week and I'm sick. Go figure. I did get our taxes done last night. Just had to sit down and plug away. Done. Not so bad. Actually, hubby wants someone to review to be sure I didn't miss anything. Nope. This year, after 3 years of doing it myself, I am 100% comfortable with the return. That says a lot. In other words, there wasn't anything I questioned myself on, if that is right or not, etc. 100% Folks! Back to being sick. Not sure if I'm really sick or what. I've got a sore throat and a dry raspy cough. My throat feels tight. The sides of my neck hurt (you know, where those muscle/cordy things are? Those hurt). I'm extremely tired today. That could be from working out the past 2 days, but I doubt it. And I'm COLD today. I do believe the a/c in the office is cranking though, so I dont' think it's a fever. Headache. And my eyes tear up occasionally bu that could be because I'm feeling sorry for myself? Ick. So, because I feel icky, hubby is coming home and it look ssuper easy, I plan on making this corn chowder that Amanda put up today for dinner. I have everything EXCEPT corn starch. I have to think a little Wondra or even flour will work if need be. FYI - The boss is trying to get me to go to the little walk in place at CVS (see a Nurse, something like that) as he said his wife did it last week when she had a real sore throat, come to find out, she had strep. Ugggg. I'm putting that off.

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