Tired. Sore Throat. Stiff neck. Headache.

Ugggg. Life stinks at the moment. Hubby comes home this evening from New Orleans for the week and I'm sick. Go figure. I did get our taxes done last night. Just had to sit down and plug away. Done. Not so bad. Actually, hubby wants someone to review to be sure I didn't miss anything. Nope. This year, after 3 years of doing it myself, I am 100% comfortable with the return. That says a lot. In other words, there wasn't anything I questioned myself on, if that is right or not, etc. 100% Folks! Back to being sick. Not sure if I'm really sick or what. I've got a sore throat and a dry raspy cough. My throat feels tight. The sides of my neck hurt (you know, where those muscle/cordy things are? Those hurt). I'm extremely tired today. That could be from working out the past 2 days, but I doubt it. And I'm COLD today. I do believe the a/c in the office is cranking though, so I dont' think it's a fever. Headache. And my eyes tear up occasionally bu that could be because I'm feeling sorry for myself? Ick. So, because I feel icky, hubby is coming home and it look ssuper easy, I plan on making this corn chowder that Amanda put up today for dinner. I have everything EXCEPT corn starch. I have to think a little Wondra or even flour will work if need be. FYI - The boss is trying to get me to go to the little walk in place at CVS (see a Nurse, something like that) as he said his wife did it last week when she had a real sore throat, come to find out, she had strep. Ugggg. I'm putting that off.


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