I never really thought of myself as a shoe freaky kind of girl. But maybe this is some kind of deep rooted issue I have that hasn't come to surface? Last week, when I had the day off from work (and apparently, so did alot of other people), I decided to hit a few of the thrift stores that I can never get to as they close at 4pm during the week and odd hours on Saturday. Well. 3 of the 4 were CLOSED for Good Friday. The nerve!! Oh well. Still ended up going to Out of the Closet, which I can get to normally anyways (they are open til 7 I believe?) Luckily though, it was April 2nd, meaning the $1 color tag was only 2 days old! Woohoo! I haven't timed it that way in quite a while. Not that it mattered, really, in the end. Earth. Naturalizers. Alfani. Oh so many others. I actually had to CHOOSE which shoes to put back. Oh. My. Gelron 2000 Earth Sandals. Retail anywhere from $70 to $120. Brand new. No tags (that's ok with me). Not the prettiest things, but oh are they ever comfortable! Naturalizers. Wedge leather sandal. Retail for about $70. Brand new. No tags (that's ok with me). Perfect for work. A little snug across the toe strap area but being 100% leather, they will stretch a bit. Perfect replacement for my current wedge black sandals. $5.99 each. Woo hoo. Pretty in Pink Alfani. Slingback. Leather. Very pointy toes. I do not think of myself as a pink kiind of girl. Or pointy toe. But these were just way too cute to pass up. $6.99. Retail is about $60 I think with Dillards being the place a swagbuck search took me to. I now have quite a few pairs of shoes, between my target stop a few weeks ago (leather flat sandals and mules) and the past month of lucky shoe hits. I need to weed out and toss in the garage sale box for the sale this weekend. Joy. Anyone else out there scoring good deals at the thrift stores lately?


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