Reduced spending, bills, commitments

I am starting to see little 'pockets' of space in all 3 of the freezers. This of course, is because I took out a 1/4 ham, a turkey roast, bag of diced sweet potatoes, 1.5 lb bag of shrimp, a shrimp ring and a few other odds and ends for the feeding frenzy over the weekend. I would like to try and do a reduced spend (notice, it's not a no spend, I just can't do that!!) for April to try and clean out the freezers a bit. Unfortunately, on the 31st, I had stopped at GFS to buy some eggs (2 1/2 dozen for $1.99!) and ended up picking up 15 lbs of 80/20 burgers for $20. Folks, that is a LOT of burgers. They will not all stay as burgers, some will be transformed into taco meat, sloppy joes, etc. Just let them defrost and cook as regular ground beef. Anyways ... I have soooo much food in these freezers. And with Princess hopefully coming back for awhile longer, that will be 4 mouths to feed instead of 3 which equates to just a bit more food. Granted, she eats like a bird, but still, with her friends and such, it will be more. Not to mention ... taxes ... need to start on them this week. No. I have not started. We don't get refunds. And this year we will most likely pay quite a bit. Have a rough figure in our heads and the money set aside but refuse to give it to them to spend on stupid stuff any sooner than necessary. Insurance. Homeowners went up $50. Windstorm went up $250. Flood should be the same. That right there is over $3000. Uggg. I just paid the car insurance of $2000 in February/March! Selling everything and moving to an island sure looks better and better each day! We've been getting phone calls and federal express letters, along with calls from the siblings regarding some "found" items from a deceased famly member. We've put off calling the guy back as I hate these heavy hunters :). He finally got hubby the other day though. I had a whole list of things to ask and say (remember, I work for a law firm and we do alot of work for a probate attorney) and the guy was a little off guard. Not a dirt bag or anything, I guess he just wasn't expecting the type of questions hubby was asking. Said several $1000 for each is possible. I sort of doubt it as the family member had their duckies pretty lined up. We will see. So it's Monday. No rain today, amazing! Have a good one!


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