Its not about being religious

Thursday night I was awakened by Sonny Boy about a phone call and text message he got. It was only 10:30 or so but I was already sound asleep. My response, was, whatever, doesn't surprise me, something not so loving and caring when really, it should have been more so. At 1am, Sonny Boy wakes me up again and asked that I call someone with a phone number. Uggg. Ok. I'm wide awake. Numerous conversations, text messages and voice mail messages. Pacing. Getting a little high strung. Nervous. Scared. Angry. Annoyed. (ok, it IS 1:30am now and I HAVE to get up and go to work in the morning, a mere 5 hours away!!!!) Finally lay back down in bed, with the phone close to my heart. And I think to myself. There is ONE person that I can call on to give me the help I need. God. Yeah. It's been awhile. I kind of felt like the girl in the book, Hello God, it's me ... I had a nice long conversation that night with God. It's been awhile since we've talked like this. Something along the line of 8 years. The last time I asked for anything so earnestly was when Hubby had his motorcycle accident. So I prayed. And prayed a little more. Then I spoke to him. Told him all the things I was feeling (as if he doesn't already know!). And when I got the call at 6am that they would be arriving at the door, I cried. And I told God thank you. It's not about being religious and going to church every Sunday, holiday, whatever. It's about believing in Him. And having the confidence that HE is in control. Thank you God. For everything.


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