Easter Plans

Easter is right around the corner. Really, 3 days away. Have you all been planning and shopping and preparing yet? I haven't! Well, not that I really need to. We don't do the usual big fanfare brunch/lunch/dinner type of thing. Afterall, we live in South Florida and the weather is just B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! So that means outdoors. Sometimes boating. Sometimes just floating in the pool. It always means a friend or two or even 10 will be over at some time during the day. And the grill is usually involved. Along with a few cocktails. Then I've got the 2 picky kids. Even as teens. AND I used to be pretty picky myself (note: once I quit smoking, my tastebuds changed. Hey. That might be why the waistline did too?) So we normally made a little more fancier food than everyday but nothing like a big whole ham or anything. Plus, it was only the 4 of us eating and that's alot of left overs. We HAVE done the honey baked ham thing in previous years, but with the prices getting higher AND the fact that I don't think they are as good as they used to be, we kind of boycott that now. Sure, we've gone to our neighbors a few years. And other friends. And we've had friends here for a 'dinner'. But for us, friends over generally end up being a party that last for quite a while, and hey, food is great, and we love to cook and eat, but lets keep it simple. This year, I have most of the stuff already crammed into the freezers. My big chore will be digging it out! Ha. I know. If only everyone had this problem. Here's what I have tenatively on the food list (and we will be feeding 7 to 10 this year): deviled eggs (no brainer) cheese and crackers (the last of the 59 cent cheese) green garden salad 1/4 brown sugar sliced ham (freezer) 3 lb turkey roast (freezer) strawberry cheesecake trifle (all I'll need is maybe more strawberries) sugar cookies (betty crocker package in pantry, kids can do this!) mac & cheese (in fridge, have hubby doctor up a bit) mashed sweet taters (in freezer) mashed regular taters (in fridge and/or freezer, which one to use?) Dinner rolls (buy or make?) butter (freezer) turkey gravy (pantry, 12 jars!!) All I really need to buy is eggs, lettuce stuff, strawberries and dinner rolls. I will also need to check my wine supply to see what I have for white just to be safe :) Hubby of course may protest at the prepared taters and mac and cheese but hey, this could be one of the BEST STRESSFREE Easters yet ...


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