Trip to Winn Dixie (gag)

I do not like to shop at Winn Dixie. The stores are dirty. The employees are below par, in my opinion (I'm sorry, but if I could find ONE that cared about their job) and it's just one of those things for me to shop there. I only go for super great deals OR if I really need to stick with a budget as I do not browse these stores. I wanted to get: bags of salad (they mark down & I had coupons), a little meat (same as salad, and I had coupons), and to see if I could score any coupons from the aisles (I did). Oh, yeah, hoagie rolls too as they were buy one get one free for $2.99 AND I have $1 off bread coupons (wine tags). So I was doing GREAT, and picked up a 2 packs of corn tortillas for 50 cents each, 16 oz of sour cream for 59 cents, lettuce heads for b1g1f, hoagies. Was pulling out my bread coupons to head to the checkout lane, and I man bumps his cart into mine. I look up. And GUESS who it is? Hubby. Groan. Crumb. Hi Honey, what are you doing here? Oh just looking for some sodas and meat for the weekend. Oh boy. My $10 grocery bill went to $38 because of him. Ugggg. The man has protested for the past 2 weeks that the garage refrigerator is EMPTY of anything to drink. No sodas. No water bottles (except the refillable ones) No beer! Needless to say, it's not an issue now. The garage refrigerator is currently churning out the electricity trying to cool all 4 12pks of soda down along with the 18 pk of beer. Oh well. You can only wean them off the stuff slowly.


  1. Oh ...You just made me laugh out loud! My husband has not stepped foot in a grocery store in 4 years. There is a reason. If he went my $70 trip would be $150. They are the biggest kids!


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