News in the Area

Ok. Well maybe not news to YOU but it certainly is to me! 1. They have officially cancelled the Air Show scheduled for the end of April. Bummer. I've so missed it. Used to be on my birthday weekend every stinkin year. Then they stopped (you know, money woes). Then another person (yeah, really, a PERSON) tried to pull it together and just made the announcement it's a no go for this year. Bummer. 2. Costco is still booming, recession or not. I tried my best to get out of the house EARLY with Sonny Boy in tow to tame me in the store but nope, we parked at 11:45. You know what that means on a Saturday? Free lunch for a lot of the older folks. And friends, when I say "older folks" I mean, oh my god, these people can barely steer an empty cart and they are parked out in the PARKING LOT??? Gasp. Had a list. Had my coupons. Still spent $380. 3. The weather is FINALLY normal. Sunny. Warm (almost 80 I believe). A little breezy. Gorgeous. Why am I sitting on the computer? Oh yeah. Looking through my inventory list to see WHICH freezer has the frozen spinach for dinner. Easier than trying to find my way through the freezer itself :) 4. MOST cities have their St. Patricks Day festivities this weekend. Las Olas (downtown) had our favorite Mayor, Jack Seiler in the parade today (I hear he flew a private jet in from Tallahasse, how reliable that tidbit is, I have no clue). Great weather to be had for a parade, that's for sure! BUT there is another festival going on today. Driving down Dixie highway this afternoon on way back from Costco through Oakland Park and hmmm....traffic is BAD ... police directing & all. Hmmm...."oh look sonny boy, a festival! Must be for St Patty's day!" ... "uh, mom. There are a LOT of gay guys walking around" "Sonny boy! Just because there are groups of men walking around a festival doesn't mean they are gay!" Wouldn't you know it. PRIDEFEST parking ahead. S*it. So, rather than come home, put our groceries away, tell hubby to come along with us to a FESTIVAL, we are here. Sonny Boy jumped in the pool (which hubby owes him $10 now for doing that, it was a dare), I'm looking for spinach and hubby is off trying to find a Best Buy that has his wireless speakers he is looking to buy. Oh. And I MUST menu plan the rest of this month ... spent way too much money at Costco (not all food, tissues, papertowels, fabric softner, vitamins, and such) and really, the fact that I opened all 3 freezers, peeked in, and figured what the heck, can't find ANYTHING by looking in there...I realize that again, I have way too much food in this house!!!


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