Monday morning

Another weekend has come and gone. It's raining outside. We finally got out on the boat Saturday. Went to Hillsboro Inlet and anchored. Have not done that in years. Sonny Boy netted a mano' war (not cool) in his attempt to catch the tiny fish that was being sheltered by the mano' war tentacles. Yeah, it was exciting for a few minutes. We all got sunburned, even with sunscreen. Oh wait. Apply. Reapply. We always miss the reapply part. I have 1 1/2 of the 3 freezers inventoried. Wow. I have a LOT of food. I need to just say NO to the grocery store for the rest of the month. Yeah. Right. I cooked up 6 large chicken breast and 4 pounds of pork loin that I had sliced into pork chops on the grill last night. We will be eating pork and chicken all week long. At least that will take the pressure off for the dinner time plans. Of course, Sonny Boy hates pork and chicken. Sorry Kiddo, suck it up and eat. It's raining. Rather fitting after a perfect weekend. The cat brought a lizard in this morning. It ran under the chair before I could catch it and shoo it back out to the great outdoors. The tail was still quite lively when I picked it up. The cat about attacked ME when he saw the tail twitching. Lizard is still in the house. Hope it's healthy enough to make it back towards a door before I leave this morning. Sonny Boy is back in bed. Was not feeling all that hot this morning. Has mid-terms on Wednesday and Thursday. Needs to get to school by 4th block today. Told him to go back to bed and go in late this morning. School starts at 7am for him. Uggg. The cat is sleeping on my lap. How odd. He does not normally do this. Perhaps he's waiting for Mr. Lizard to come back out?


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