Menu Plan Monday

Yeah! Its a new month and I have SO many goals and expectations for the month. Exercise 6 days a week. Eat healthier. Save more cash (in other words, stick to the plan!) Here's what I have planned for the week: Baked taters and canned chili (I know, I know, but it was cheap and hubby wanted more than just baked taters!) Chicken leg quarters, honey glazed carrots (from my awesome deal Friday) Soup and salad (thinking panera bread baked tater soup) Chicken and rice bake Leftovers, salad, sandwiches, fend for yourself Burgers on the grill with deck FINALLY finished! Chicken thighs, hubby gets to decide how to cook. I had these coupons for $5 off meat when you purchased a certain wine. The wine was on sale for $7 a bottle. Bought 4 bottles, got my additional 20% off the 4 bottles and then bought $20 worth of meat, which was free after the coupons. This was combined with 20 bags of green giant frozen veggies for 80 cents each and then $5 off that. AND then $5 off the total bill. I can't remember exactly how much I paid in all but it was under $20 (had a few things in there like milk, nutella, protein bars for sonny boy) so I was pretty happy. Looking for ideas for feeding the masses? Check out the Queen of organization and see 100's of others menu plan!


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