Menu Plan - March 14 to March 20

Here we are, another week gone by. I'm so glad the time has finally changed, it was 8pm before the sky was dark ... woohoo!! Stuck on what's for dinner? Hop on over to the Queen of Organizing and see what others are planning! Of course, menu is subject to change AND it is St. Patty's Day this week ... however, I refer to the 17th of March as the Celebration of Life since that was the big day of Hubby's major motorcycle accident. Sunday - pizza, wings, and salad (really should have made this a weeknight dinner as it was all pre-made and easy) Monday - Super Dawgs ... Costco dinner franks, and thinking of serving with corn to keep Sonny Boy happier (and to empty out the freezer some) Tuesday - chicken and broccoli with rice (again, moving more veggies out of the freezer and trying out the latest gadget) Wednesday - Black beans & chicken wraps Thursday - leftovers OR sandwiches and salad (survivor night!) Friday - burgers on the grill Saturday - would really like to make up 2 of the lobster tails but don't know ... we may go on the boat and if we do, then most likely will pick up from the deli for dinner using my gift certificate ($20 for 80 cents!) So ... what are you having for dinner this week?


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