It's Saturday

early evening, not quite 6pm yet. I've been to the grocery store. I've vacummed the whole entire house (all 3000 square feet of it) I've been to the grocery store where I probably made another cashier enemy with all my coupons (over 50), spent $80, saved $190. Eh, not as good as I'd like but at least I have 5 turkey roast in the freezer (crammed in, I might add!) for $3.50 each! Did 2 loads of laundry. Put same laundry in each respective room, but not to its final home. Cleaned out fridge, a little. Packed cooler, snacks for boat ride. Went for 4 hour boat ride with hubby & sonny boy. Washed the comforter on Princess's bed. Got call from princess as we were heading out hillsboro inlet wanting to know if I was busy today. Odd question, its SATURDAY!!!! Ummm. Hmmm...."I'm coming home". And then her tears started. Ex-boyfriend said he would come get her & stuff but couldn't leave for at least 2 hours. Then called me. Realized I'm at least an hour from getting on land. Then called girlfriend who said she would leave immediately to come get her. Ding. Your IT! Well. 3 hours later the girlfriend is just clearing West Palm which is only 40 minutes from us. Duh. Guess she didn't leave immediately like she said? Anyways. Full day today. I am SO. DARN. Happy. Granted, princess is NOT coming home in the manner I would like her to but she's coming home regardless. Woo. Hoo. My heart can rest a little easier this evening once she is asleep in her own bed. Thank you God.


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