Exercising goes with healthier living

right? Uh Huh. It sure does! But of course, you CAN do one or the other. And actually, I would probably recommend you try one or the other if you haven't been doing either! But sometimes, people (ahem) think that because they are exercising, they can eat MORE than they used to. Or some people (ahem) think that because they are reducing their calorie intake, they don't need to exercise. I've fallen in to both categories. And honestly, I personally do NOT see anything wrong with either one ... EXCEPT ... It's not a commited lifetime change. You know what I mean? So ... in my daily quest to continue with my March goals, I've browsed. I've exercised (haven't been updating, but I can tell you the AbRipper is waiting in the DVD for 6:35am to start). I've eaten healthier. I've NOT drank more water. Which I know is my number one issue. I just don't think to drink at work. It's a bad thing. And yet, when I get home at 6pm, I grab a glass and I just chug it down (water burps anyone?) and realize just how thirsty I am. Oh. Back to the purpose of this post! Michelle over at links up to some GREAT people and their sites. One that I stumbled across yesterday is Sheril over at your future figure. She has a great little thing about salads here which made me chuckle as its so true! And that's when I shared my little tip to make a salad just a little more appealing without all the UNHEALTHY stuff added: add fresh chopped herbs ... a handful. Seriously. It adds so much more to the hohum lettuce! Remember, I bought the 3 plants instead of the little bags of stuff and have made an effort to use them daily (breakfast has the cilantro on the eggs, yumm!) ... I love love love herbies on the salad! Anyways, go check out her site. She's got a recent post about boot camps (uh huh, kick your butt and then some!), something called the 500 club about reducing 500 calories a day from your diet (oh I so need to review that a bit more!) and other interesting stuff ... so I'm off to browse a bit more! Oh wait. It's 6:35am and that damn AbRipper is calling. Later!


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