Cheese Surprise!

I believe I've made my dislike of Winn Dixie perfectly clear by now, haven't I? So IF I told you that YES, I had to make a quick emergency run to the little beach store on Saturday evening to pick up "fat" boneless skinless chicken breast for dinner, you'd believe me, right? Now mind you, I have plenty of boneless skinless chicken breast in the freezer. And I even had some defrosted for dinner. But Hubby, a/k/a the King, was wanting FAT ones to stuff with spinach and blue cheese. Oh. Ok. Well, can't you just use these that I already have, roll them up instead of stuffing AND use mozzarella or even parmesan? Oh. No? Fine. Alright. I don't know why I have to run to the store to pick up the same exact stuff we already have in house just because it's not EXACTLY how you want it. Yeah. I was crabby. Patty. Very much so. But I went. Because I love him (and I was excited about the prospect of what he was cooking!). Got to the store. Hmmm. No boneless, skinless breast to be found. Excuse me Mr. Meat Counter Man ... but? Are you kidding me? Really? Wow. All out. None in stock, not until Monday. Wow. Amazing (another thing to add to the looooooong list of reasons I don't shop at Winn Dixie). So instead, I grab 2 pkgs of b/s thighs (as they were b1g1f) and 1 large pkg of bone in breast (I can debone, not an issue) Stroll down to the cheesy cheese area to get the blue cheese. Wow. Only ONE to choose from. Huh. Grab it. Get ready to dart to the register and "what do we have here???" a 59 cent sticker on a block of kraft cheese. Oh. Ah. Oh. OH! Snatched all 8 of the 8 oz blocks. One package of cheese slices for 29. One pkg of swiss cheese slices for 99 cents. 2 containers of ricotta cheese for 59 cents each. 3 LARGE 16 oz bags of shredded cheddar cheese for 99 cents. Holy Smoke! AND 2 large 16 oz blocks of mozzarella for 59 cents. Woweee. Guess what else we had with the dinner? Cheese. Guess what we had with Sunday dinner? More cheese. Just about everything lately has had cheese alongside. I did take a few of blocks and shred and froze. I also cut some into stick like things (just visualize cheese sticks please) :) I made Sonny Boy and the King happy. Hubby couldn't wait to tell his buddy that came for dinner Saturday night. Of course, J was asking what we are going to do with "all that cheese"? Um. Eat it. Shred & freeze ... yes YOU CAN FREEZE it :)


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