Another Monday Morning

Has arrived. Its' dark and rainy. Thunder. Lightning. Tornado warnings and watches. What fun. That must mean summer is soon to be here! Oh wait. We need spring first :) Princess made it home. Well, to her g/f at least Sunday morning around 2am. Then got home (here) Sunday morning. Its bittersweet yet again. I so hate that word now that I know the true feelings it generates. I've got so much stuff I wanted to do over the weekend, primarily on Sunday, but got waysided and sidetracked. Did make the quesidillas for dinner along with fresh salsa, yellow rice and the layered bean dip. Almost everything I used was a clearance item so it was a delicious, yet frugal meal. I so need to get focused on the exercise plan. Now that Princess is back, for however long, the bowflex is in that bedroom. I asked Hubby if he would consider moving it to the Florida Room. He said not just yet. I can understand his resistance to do so immediately. So apparently, princess and friend had a disagreement that turned into some words that should never be said in passing. Hence, the reason she is here. However, he apparently didn't MEAN that, and she apparently should have not taken it so seriously. My theory is that they are both so young. She's had a tough go at it up there. No car. Just finally got a job that gives her hours and money. The transit system in Orlando is not that bad but still, it's been wicked, weather wise and rainy and cold pretty consistently. I would love for her to just move back home until she can get her head back on straight. As she said, it wasn't suppose to be this way, that she should be just NOW coming home from training. Yes, sweetpea, but S*IT happens. Sorry. Life is NOT fair but it is only as good as you make it. Ok, I suppose I should go a finish up my tenative menu plan, hopefully get it posted, maybe upload a few pictures, post a few pictures(me? No way!) and get ready for work!


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