2010 Census and the American Community Survey

I wake up this morning at 5am to get in the workout (Abripemup and Shred) and turn on the news like I do every morning while the coffee is brewing. ohhhh.... "keep your eyes on the mailbox" ... ohhhhh I'm confused. REALLY confused. I "thought" I already did this a few months ago. But then getting a little panicky, I researched, and realized that I did ANOTHER (gasp) government form called the American Community Survey. Doesn't that just sound all folksy like? I had filled out the 20 page survey months ago. Sat on it (folks, it's lengthy) for a few days. Filled it out. Sent it back in the big envelope. (FYI, did you know that it's illegal to toss it out?) A few weeks later I get ANOTHER one in the mail. Nice. What a complete waste of money. Threw that one away. If they want to come and arrest me, so be it. I figured filling it out again would be fraud as I've already done it (you know, if I can't vote twice for a new president, why would I want to fill out the survey twice?) They ask about your income and such on the ACS. That sort of bothered me as the IRS already knows the answer to that questions! They also ask about the number of births, and conceived children, the number of females and their ages and if they've ever been pregnant or given birth. I can't remember exactly how the wording was but it was really really invasive, in my opinion (in other words, did my 16 year old daughter ever become pregnant or give birth) ... ugggg. Oh, and yeah, did the other kids in the household ever earn income. 1099. W2, etc. Amazing. And how many do NOT have a right to ever work (???!!!!) I think that's how they are counting the illegal immigrants. And they wonder why so many people avoid doing these things? Yes, I do support the "idea" of the census reporting. However, I do NOT believe they need to be asking the questions that they do. OR spend the money that they are spending (did you get the letter with ADVANCE notice??). But then again, the current government in office is spending a fortune on things that we don't want anyways. Another post for another time. DO fill your survey out and send it back in. I wish I could tell you to feel free to eliminate information as you see fit. I know its suppose to be filled out 100% and truthfully. Unfortunately, it's the "law" to do so. I wish I could say sorry big government, You do NOT live in my home and I value my privacy so bug off. But you can't. PSST ... if you only read or speak spanish, feel free to hop on over to the 2010 census website, you can read it in Spanish too!!


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