Sort of an update on Eating from the Pantry

Well, sort of. As you read, I fell off the wagon, or rather, succumbed to pressure ... or ... lack of enthusiasm? There are so many ways to say it: I am having a very difficult time!!! Oh, I know. I'm not the only one. And it really does take a lot of will power AND support of other family members!! Princess was coming over on Tuesday evening to visit (this, in itself, is just a whole 'nother story which this is not the time NOR the place) and I wasn't sure if she was staying for dinner. I wanted to be prepared. And perhaps make her all time favorite, chicken picatta. Of course, had I known this BEFORE I left the house Tuesday morning, I could have taken the chicken and sauteed shrooms out of the freezer, but you know, real life kicked in yet again :) So with GOOD INTENTIONS, I stopped at Winn Dixie (less likely to get sucked in as I HATE shopping these stores) ... have my 2 $1 off coffee coupons for the current b1g1f sale ... and head in. Walk out spending $34. With 5 bags of stuff. 2 coffees ($3.59 for both) 2 lbs beef (Angus) bottom round steaks 4 11.14oz flat iron grill steaks (ok, there are 3 steaks per package, 100 calories, 3 grams fat each ... seemed like a good idea?!) 2 24 oz Hormel pork roast 1 lb sandwich steak beef 1 1/2 lb bottom round steak Ok, not a spectacular deal but still. Meat was all marked down and on sale to boot. My winn dixie adds the percentage off the marked down price which I forget sometimes. Had I been paying attention, I would have noticed the flat iron steaks had a coupon for $1 off inside the sleeve that I could have easily used to bring the bill to $30. So for dinner, tossed in some taters to bake, and planned on making 6 of the steaks. Nope. No can do. Already ate dinner (princess) and hubby was just being crummy. Oh well. Such is life. I did set up my cash envelope for the rest of the month. $60. Divided in 2. This should be so easy to pull off, right???


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