Pantry Challenge and determined

to stick with it at least to the end of the MONTH!

Stopped by Publix this morning down the street from work.

1. Looking for a coupon book
2. Looking for more wine tag coupons ($1 off salad)
3. Wanted a banana (or 2) for the office

Didn't find the coupon book ... Got me some more wine tags for $1 off bags of salad AND $1 off one avocado (!!!!)

Got me some coupons for $1 off pack of EXTRA gum and any cola (thinking dasani water bottles) ...

AND picked up:

bag of coleslaw $1.49
one lonely Hess Avocado $1.49
2 bananas.

After my $2 off coupons, paid $1.41. Darn bananas cost almost as much as the coleslaw and avocado. Geesh, 69 cents per lb. So ... I'm good to go.

I want to make turkey, avocado, spinach paninis Teriyaki Chicken Thighs and Sesame noodles , Chicken Cesar Salad, BBQ pork and coleslaw ... but now thinking more like smoked beef and coleslaw, baked taters and broccoli and cheese soup. And ... the rest of the pasta. No particular order or day. Just what I have planned and on hand.

 Feel like you are in a rut on ideas for dinner? Hop on over to Menu Plan Monday to get a whole bunch of ideas (careful, you may change your menu!!)


  1. Okay...dumb question. I have heard of a lot of coupons, but what is a wine tag coupon? Is that a coupon you get when you buy a bottle of wine?

    The Teriyaki Chicken Thighs with sesame noodles sounds great!

    Have a great week!

  2. Yup, that's exactly what it is. Some do not require a wine purchase ... if you can find the two ocean wine, there are tags for $1 off a bottle of wine OR $1 off a bag of salad (no wine purchase) ... just be sure to grab the RIGHT one :)


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