The most used frugal kitchen gadget so far this week

Has been: Of course, mine is not black. Nor is it sleek & state of the art looking. Rather, it's a faded white, almost dingy cream looking, dating back probably from the late 1980's. Oh. And the reason its frugal? It was dumpster dived (doved?) / retrieved back in the late 90's. And the reason it's the most used? Because its been borderline freezing cold down here in South Florida. I've got the heat cranking on both sides of the house. I know, 43 is not cold by alot of your standards right about now, but for us it is!!! Oh, and the headline I find of interest this morning? This extended 'chill' may just kill off the iguanas! Ok, not that I wish they were dead, or die off, but rather, relocate anywhere but MY yard ... this is sort of 'good' news!


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