Inventory results of 3 freezers

And .... wholewheat pizza crust organic hd buns (don't use for buns) dinner roll (brown & serve 1/2 pk slider rolls flatout bread cheddar jack cheese parm/romano cheese swiss (shredded) parm cheese cheddar cheese mozz cheese Provolone slices fake crabmeat shrimp raw grouper large shrimp raw tilipia coconut shrimp bananas strawberries blueberries strawberries smoothies grape juice apple juice limeade chix breast perfect portion pork tenderloin chicken italian sausage chicken apple sausage sweet pork tenderloin sweet pork tenderloin turkey bacon cheddar brats ham steak hamburger ground turkey Roll sausage hot dogs boca crumbles pepperoni (box) beer bratwurst sausage links (breakfast) chicken stirfry breaded chix tenders sausage patty (cooked) ham hock turkey breast cooked chix breast poached chix italian sausage roast beef (10 oz pkg) crab cakes (reg) sausage roll chix breast chix thighs (bone in) ground sausage steak meatballs small 1/4 ham kiabalis smoked sausage crab cakes mini diced ham sweet ham lunchmeat cheddar brats polish bratwurst chix tenders raw smoked sausage strip steak whole turkey breast snausages chix thighs (bone in) chili bowls pepperoni box pepperoni bag sausage roll chix strips (om) bacon chix italian sausage chix cajun sausage ground sirloin patty stadium brats hot dogs chix cordon bleu chix broc & cheese chix scallop & lobster lean/hot pockets almonds pine nuts popsickle toaster strudle pepperstrips onions & peppers ginger (fresh) broccoli cuts carrots & celery corn asparagus fries/onion rings sugar snap peas mixed veggie green beans broccoli/cauliflower easy fries chopped spinach broccoli ravioli tortellini shrooms & mozz stick fry white onions/diced/sliced pizza sauce butter butter yeast herb rice bowl Hmmm... it's pretty amazing actually once it's all typed up. I did NOT list the quantities of each here but on my spread sheet, I did. Ummm, you don't really need to know that I have 6 pkgs of bacon, or 8 pkgs of cheddar cheese, do you? Or that it seems like I really like the Chicken Sausage? I tossed quite a bit. How disappointing is that? AND I think I have room in the main fridge to buy them lobster tails that are on sale this week. Oh wait. There's the challenge. Uggg. OH ... and where there is room, its the popsicles and ice cream shelf. Notice, that is NOT on the list above? Figured we go through it fairly quickly and that stuff never gets 'lost' if you know what I mean. We have already used a few things from the freezer in the past 2 days. Last night was the spaghetti sauce and cheesecake. This morning was a package of bacon (yes, 7 packages of bacon total, not to mention the one lonely pack of turkey bacon). I definately see sausage and peppers in the very near future!


  1. Ok I am jealous! :-)
    Thanks for sharing your blog with me!!
    Michelle @ I Heart Publix!


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