Eating from the Pantry

Continues ... for the next week. Sunday would officially be the end but I really think I need to continue on into February. $30 a week sound reasonable? That's $10 per person (cat not included, but he's got caught up in the stockpiling frenzy too) ... I have done HORRIBLE. Ok. Not 'that' bad, but bad enough where I feel it was a failure. Ok. Maybe that's a little dramatic (who, ME?) We have emptied out some of the older stuff. Donated some stuff. THREW AWAY some stuff. But I've also bought stuff. The first 10 days started out pretty well. Stayed away from the stores. But then something happened. Oh. Yeah. I had friends coming over. Hubby decided he didn't want to pat out the hamburger so I had to go back to the meat section and buy patties in ADDITION to the ground beef. Oh, yeah. Then I needed chips. And instead of buying beer, I decided I would drink wine. Oh. No. You better get some beer, just in case (mind you, I had not had a beer since before new years eve ... I love my ice cold beer on the weekend) ... I pretty much went down hill from there. So I went to the store this weekend (Sunday to be exact) ... needed milk. And a few other things. Had a detailed coupon list. $30 in my envelope. (and $20 in my stash for thrifty shopping allowance for the month) ... kept track as I went. Did I mention that it was playoffs too...that we HAD to watch the Colts to see if they were coming to visit in Miami in 2 weeks? Chips, white popcorn kernels, sour cream for dip, milk, tylenol pm, 6 boxes of pancake/waffle mix (came to less than $1 each after my coupon), borax, salad dressing (2 bottles), 6 pkgs of sliced cheese. Hmmm. I spent $49 and saved $48. Oh, and 2 papers. So, what could I have done without? $5 popcorn (coupons were in paper too that I missed!), chips, pancake/waffle mix, that was definately a stockpile move, salad dressing, and most definately, the cheese (even though we use it a lot, 6 were not necessary, even with coupon) ... Oh well, such is life, live and learn, move on, blah blah blah :)


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