Eating from the Pantry

We always start out with good intentions, right? :) Hubby seems to be in the mood to eat out lately. Not your typical run of the mill fast food places though, japanese takeout, sweet tomatoes, italian joint (non pizza, strictly go there for the garlic rolls) and a little place called Ernies. Most of the places are running under $30 for the 3 of us with coupons. I've done very well on the shopping front though! I didn't step foot in a store for 10 days! 10 days folks!! I mean, heck, I got the milk from Walgreens for 50 cents less than the store ... hubby swears it doesn't taste as good, but him and Sonny Boy drank it all. But then yesterday came. The end (at last!) to our brutal cold snap we had. Finally, people want to hang outside, eat, drink and be merry! Woohoo ... I know what the term cabin fever means now so I'm all in! Of course, I'm NOT prepared to entertain, meaning nothing defrosted, but that's ok, I was thinking along the lines of burgers and dogs on the grill anyways. So I get the hamburger, grab the trusty Publix coupon for $1 off 2 lbs (still expensive though!), burger & dog buns, milk, cheese, gatorade, crystal light, coffee, ice cream, potatoes, back to get bagel thins and english muffins, regular bagels, beer, wine, and the list goes on. $101. Oh. Swipe 3 gift cards. Swipe debit card for $33. Hmmm. Get home. Unload the bags. Look at the Pantry. Look at the Freezer. Shake my head. Glance at the big, long receipt. Notice the donation at the end. Feel a little better about the trip. Say a small prayer that I went to the new produce stand BEFORE Publix. Admire the 33 cent starfruit. And say all is ok. That folks, is just acceptance. I was starting to beat myself up on the amount of groceries, and, YES, stockpile items, but then just realized that I may not have went the FULL month, but I certainly gave it a good effort. I'm not quitting. Oh no. I will move forward and continue the best I can. Guess whats for dinner tonight (Saturday)? Ribs. Hubby will be so happy. And either scalloped or augratin potatoes.


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