Eating from the Pantry

Day 4. Only 4 days into it??? Stopped at the store on way home from work. Needed: eggs, cat food, lettuce, sandwich bread. For $12 (all on a Publix gift card), bought sandwich bread, iceburg lettuce, 4 value size boxes of nature granola bars (yogurt ones are highly recommended & yummy, $3 for all 4 boxes), 4 100 calorie nabisco snack cakes (ok, these are a RIP OFF as there are 5 sleeves in each box, with 3 cookie/cakes. That's only 15 for $3??? Thankfully they were b1g1f with my $1 off on top). 2 6pks bottle water for Sonny Boy for school (99 each after coupon). Bypassed the eggs. Think I can get the big crate cheaper at GFS. Bypassed the cat food. Think (and that would be a big BOLD think) that Target has a giftcard offer going on right now for the cat food that I buy. Breakfast, cereal, leftover cinnamon rolls and egg/bacon on bagel. Lunch, pb & jelly for Sonny Boy (his request), salad, soup for me & hubby (hubby also had a ham sandwich on sandwich thin bread I found in freezer) Dinner, tacos (from freezer, made with ground turkey) and the rest of ingredients from pantry/fridge except the lettuce. Not so bad I suppose, but I've spent $24 already this week on my first real week and I still need eggs and cat food and before much longer, milk. Crumb!


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