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Monday, January 4, 2010

Eating from the Pantry

Day 3. Isn't it sort of wrong to start something like this when you are home for 3 to 4 days straight? I mean, I get a little stir crazy ... Actually, it wasn't all that bad. BUT I did need to run to the pet store for chewey scratchy flea medicine (the not so thrifty part of having a pet) and had a small list for store: eggs, bread, pizza rolls, cat food, tomatoe soup and spaghetti-os . Yeah, I got everything EXCEPT eggs, cat food, and sandwich bread. Uh huh. $12 later and what do you know?? At least Sonny Boy will have food to make a quick meal with when he gets home from school. Let me explain before you all say WHAT?? He eats breakfast at 6am. Gets to school at 6:50am. Eats lunch at 10:50. Gets home at 3:40. Now, can someone please explain to me who planned THAT lunch hour??? Yeah, he's ravished by the time he gets home. At least I get a little time when I get home from work for the "Whats for Dinner" question, which BTW, will be tacos tonight. Anyways, back to the drill. Day 3. Cereal and/or bagels for breakfast. Lunch was a scronge around for leftovers in the fridge. Dinner was french bread with tomatoe soup and the soup I made from 1 can of green beans, 1 can of corn, a package of mushrooms, a cup of rice, 3 cartons of chicken broth, a bit of minced onion from freezer, a bag of poached chicken from freezer, herbs & spices and then topped with parmsan cheese at serving. This week I have to tackle the pantry and cupboards. So not looking forward to that. Although, Sunday, I set up a bag for the food pantry at church. So far, 7 cans of cheese ravioli. Hurricane supplies that I've been assured no one would eat regardless of how hungry they were. Ok. How is everyone else doing out there??

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