Winterfest Boat Parade

Ahhh...another year has gone by, and with that is the final party of the year at our home, the Boat Parade.

This year, hubby and I decided that perhaps we didn't want to have a big party this year. Matter of fact, lets keep it real simple and just invite 2 other couples. Then it came to our attention that it was our good friends birthday that day. And that another friend was going to be in town.

In the end, we had about 20 people over. Much more than the 4 we were looking at. But that's the way life goes sometimes. Yes, we did make a ton of food. And I guess we made too much as I'm dealing with macaroni and cheese, lasagna, spicy meatballs, an awesome bean dip that a friend brought over, chips and dip, cookies and leftover cake. Ugggg.

It rained on and off all day long. To the point where we were thinking/hoping that maybe some people would back out and not want to come (this is suppose to be an outdoor party afterall!) but all still arrived. Then it stopped raining AFTER the last boat went by northward. But of course, we would rather watch the boats make the trip back SOUTH as they go faster, are not as spread out and it's just better to us, for some odd reason! So my one girlfriend was using that as the photo op time since if finally stopped raining.

So even though I sort of sounded like it was a hassle for us to host the party this year, it's not really that. Its just that we have some drama going on in our personal lives that we have chosen not to share with those outside the immediate family, not even our best friends. It's not even bloggable. Hopefully this will all be over and done with by the first of the year so we can start 2010 with a nice fresh, clean start where we can all be happy and well rounded.


  1. My family was considering going to the parade, but I had no desire to sit in the rain with three boys. It sounds like you had the best front row seats though.


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