Wii Fun

Oh boy, this thing could become addicting in all aspects!

Last night, Sonny Boy said he couldn't find any of the games on the Wii Fit Plus ... so I showed him what I had seen before.

Then I had the snowball fight. Got blasted but oops. Goes to show that I do not have grace or coordination!

Off to the skateboard thing. Good lord my calves and thighs were burning after about 10 minutes of that. Folks, I am NOT out of shape that much but geesh, just using muscles that I don't use consistenly I suppose?

Sonny Boy took over on the skateboard game. Scolded him that he should NOT be jumping on the balance board. Said that was the only way he could do tricks. Alrighty then.

Hubby wants to play tennis? Huh? Dude. You are NOT a tennis kind of guy.


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