A while ago, well gee, almost a year ago, I wrote this post regarding my personal vitamin usage and theories.

A year later, I still stand, for the most part, with the theory. However, a few things have changed.

a. Sonny boy does take a multi vitamin daily along with his 2 carnation breakfast drinks. This is only because he KNOWS that he is not a good eater due to food likes/dislikes and just general attitude about food in all.

b. I have sort of, kind of stopped taking my 2 vitamins consistently. I guess when the doctor finally started me on my happy pill experiment a while ago, I felt that I didn't need to worry about all the other things in addition to my personal issue with attitude :)

BUT now, well, now, I am trying something new, again. See, the happy pills, yes, they do work. But since I have some other 'unbloggable' issues going on (not me personally but a very very close family member), not to mention an extreme increase in the amount of times I feel quezy and sick to my stomach, the amount of antacids I've been taking, along with the fact that Doc is trying to get me to take Celebrex, 2 daily dosages of nanoproxin along with the happy pills, which makes me bruise extremly easy and gives me the distinct feeling that I am burning a whole in my stomach, I'VE DECIDED TO TAKE MATTERS IN MY OWN HANDS.

Yes. Vitamins. From all different sources and friends, relatives and books, blogs, etc. Lots and lots of research. Trust me, to stay on the damn happy, yet make me feel like pukin lately pills, would be oh so much cheaper, I feel I need to try this.

So. Here's what I'm doing.

Going back to the zinc/calcium mix vitamin. Have felt like I've been fighting something for 3 weeks now. Come on. That's way too long.

Going back to the Osteo BiFlex stuff. Now that I've officially been told its arthritis for the fingers, I'm quite certain that's whats up with the wrist and thumb area too. Uggg. I'm way too young to deal with this crap. So, trying to eliminate the future need of Celebrex (have you ever READ the possible side effects?? Holy cow) and daily dosage of nanopraxin (same thing as aleve only a much higher dosage), gonna give this a shot again.

Evening Primrose oil, 2 times a day. Mood enhancer?
Black Cohash, 2 times a day. Mood enhancer and I believe does something for pms/menopause stuff.

AND ... L-Lysine. I still need to buy some. Couldn't find it at costco. But this, I'm told, neutralizes the acid in stomach. Ok, heck of a lot better than taking antacids.

Hubby has been taking cholesterol meds which makes him feel queezy. I picked up some of these Mega Red fish oil vitamins. These are suppose to help lower cholesterol too. This is on the advise of a close friend who is trying to lower his cholesterol naturually and the doctor recommended he try this first before a script. Apparently, MegaRed doesn't have that nasty smell or after taste, along with the burpies that come along with that. Lets see if it helps him.

So, how about it. Anyone else out there switching from pharmaceutical stuff to healthier alternatives?


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