A trip to Costco

Pretty much empties the bank, even WITH a list. Oh well, we always have the best intentions.

1. We had record rain on Thursday and Friday. Parking lots all over the place, along with neighborhoods and streets, were still flooded as of Saturday. Therefore, I took the big boy truck.

2. Shopping at Costco on a Saturday AFTERNOON is never a good idea. Make that the LAST Saturday before Christmas and the issue becomes huge.

3. Realize that everyone else around you is just as aggravated and has their own personal issues to. Which, for me, makes me turn into a super nice, considerate individual. Odd. Times of crisis bring out the best in me.

4. Remember to take the list OUT of bag BEFORE you are half way through store. This really helps you alot. Especially if you had no need whatsoever to browse the home goods aisle in hopes of snagging: a flexible light thingy for hubby for Christams, an awesome Kitchenaid dish strainer to replace the flimsy wire thing currently in place, a 9 pk of rubbermaid 20 oz bottles to use INSTEAD of water bottles, which really, honestly, I put the water bottles in cart out of habit more than anything, and then saw the bottles already there and put the maga water bottles back, and oh, I know there were a few other things that I had put in the cart and took out at the end.

5. Realize that those POOR demostration people really do have a heart and are not all harrassed and crabby all the time. Its just that the vultures are circling when there is no food on the tray. Take some sympathy, add a dose of kindness and a smile, and believe it or not, they will return the same to you amoung the hostile shoppers ...

So obviously, my shopping trip was not overly fun. I checked out faster than I snagged a parking space BEHIND the building. Made me extremely thankful that I had went home beforehand to drop off the best buy purchases.


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