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If you live near a Publix, you really really need to head over to I Heart Publix and check out the deals that she puts up. Seriously. I can't tell you how many times I've written down the website for customers behind me in line and the cashiers. Check it out, its well worth the time. AND, I honestly think its 100 times better than the grocery game site :)

Another great site to check out (which I recently just discovered) is Totally Target. Again, wow. She's got a great system set up for the gift card deals of the week. This is great as we all know how generous Target is with gift cards at this time of year. PS - I've also got this little card in the mail that gives me a $10 GC when I spend $100. You think I can do that at Target??

Michelle is back at Leaving Excess. For a little while there, she took a break. Now she's back. Its always nice to pop in there and see whats doing in her area (chilly Minnesota!), and she's got these great quick links on the side of her blog for some other cool sites (frugal sites and then self sustaining sites).

And of course, for entertainment purposes only (by no means frugal), don't forget about Ree at the Pioneer Woman. Always good for a laugh, and great pictures of her life. Makes me want to sell everything I own and go buy a farm. Wait, I want to sell everything I own and move to an island. But that is another story for another day, totally political in nature and not quite suited for this site!


  1. Yes you are right..I found this..tell what you think...
    I was shopping online yesterday trying to buy for my son a Super Mario Bros Game.. I stumbled upon a site called EZWINGAME...they are running a free contest this week for a free Nintendo... Wanted to know if anyone has heard of this site..and what they think...thanks


  2. July, I always get a little nervous about BIG items that are being given away for free like Nintendo ... I have not heard of the site you mentioned. Good luck & let us know if you win!


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