January is Eating From the Pantry month

Ha. If any one looks above at the header and read what it says, you should get a good laugh :)

Ok, so I've decided to go along with the Eat from the Pantry challenge that these gals have set up.

Here's some of my thoughts/ideas/plans:

Inventory freezers (all 3)

Inventory pantry and cupboards (both kitchens)

Menu plan for the complete month. Leave one day a week open for leftovers, unexpected outings (hey, these things happen and I know if I don't factor a night out once in awhile, bad things will happen)

Get recipes together after menu plan and stick all together for easier organization (is there really such a thing??)

I've decided, rather than give myself x amount of dollars for the month, I will use my 3 $10 gift cards and my $50 gift card FIRST ... the $10 are Publix and the $50 is an AE so that will take me wherever I want to go. If an awesome meat deal comes up though, I'm buying, even though there is still NO room in the freezers.

I have to admit, I'm having little anxiety attacks about this. What if we use up all the food that we've stored and something happens, lose a job, etc? Then what?? Although, I know that there is no way we can eat every last morsel in the house, but still. Oh well. This is what happens when you stop taking anxiety medication and try to go with herbal stuff. OH - wait - do I have enough to get through January? Oh no. Do I need to go stock up on some canned goods?

See. This is what I deal with :)

No, I don't think we are suppose to go all out these last few days and buy up a bunch of stuff to tide us over for a WHOLE MONTH!

So, how about it. Who else is in?


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